Airing of the quilts – back with support of palliative care nurses

Without the help of a few palliative care nurses, this year’s Airing of the Quilts event in April may have had to have been cancelled.

Caring Hearts Community Quilters co-founder Margaret Collier said the annual fundraiser to help make quilts for palliative care patients was becoming too much work, as the members got older.

“Last year was going to be our last,” Mrs Collier, 80, said. “Hanging up 200 and something quilts … and then taking them down, it’s just too much. But we’re lucky we’ve got the palliative care nurses this year. Last year was going to be our last – but we thought 21 years – maybe we can go longer.”

Julianne Brisbane, 52, is a palliative care nurse and quilter and signed up after last year’s Airing of the Quilts. She could see the positive difference to patients and wanted to get behind the charity so that it could continue.

“As I work I’m not able to attend the sewing catch ups on Thursdays, but sew at home and drop off quilt tops. I enjoy making a variety of different patterns … there are only so many quilts you can use yourself,” Ms Brisbane said.

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