Achieving your New Year Career and Professional Development Resolutions

The New Year is a symbolic representation of a fresh start, giving us the chance to create new habits and an opportunity to redefine how we want things to go in the future. As a healthcare professional, it is also a great time to consider your career and professional development goals for the year ahead.

With the right mindset, planning, and support, you can make your New Year’s career and professional development resolutions a reality and achieve your goals. It’s essential to have a concrete plan in place with actionable steps and to seek support from colleagues and friends to help stay accountable. Speak to your Manager also about how they can support you to do some of these things (Here’s a great article about how to do that). Being proactive about your professional development will reward you in many ways and is linked to greater career satisfaction.

To support you on your journey in 2024, here are some events, professional development and training opportunities that might be of interest to you. Many of these are free so take a look below, plan your calendar, share them with your accountability colleague and start making those resolutions a reality.

  • Palliative Care NSW conference: 1-2 November 2024 in Tamworth. Call for abstracts and case studies opening soon. A great event for 2 days of learning, sharing expertise and networking with your peers.
  • LGBTIQ+ Inclusive Palliative Care eLearning is a free eLearning that aims to increase healthcare providers’ confidence in providing LGBTIQ+ inclusive palliative care.
  • End-Of-Life Essentials (EOLE) provide online learning opportunities and practice resources for doctors, nurses and allied health professionals to improve the quality and safety of end-of-life care. Patient States of Mind is one of the learning modules.
  • CALDWays is a range of courses where you can learn how to better serve your Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) elderly clients. It’s recommenced you start your CALD journey by understanding the cultural attitudes towards Palliative Care by region and country, including the diversity within these geographical regions.
  • End of Life Law for Clinicians (ELLC) is a free training program for medical practitioners, medical students, nurses and allied health professionals about the law relating to end of life decision-making.
  • Access Resources and Information to plan your own learning journey about Palliative Care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients, families and health professionals.
  • The NSW Centre for Volunteering Professional Development calendar provides many opportunities for online learning for both Volunteer Managers and organisations with volunteers.
  • National Palliative Care Week from 19th May – 25th May 2024. Join us for our Professional Education Day – more information coming soon.,

Palliative Care NSW looks forward to continuing to support you in 2024 to meet your career and professional development goals.