Abstracts still open: Public health conference to look at Justice Health in 2019

Justice Health Conference 2019, 9-10 April, Sydney.

Interested in custodial health? The Public Health Association of Australia will be hosting their 3rd Justice Health Conference 2019 at the ICC in Sydney in April and Abstracts close on the 13th of January. The organisers say:

The purpose of the Conference is to once again highlight the health needs of people involved in the criminal justice system which are often viewed as separate from, or unrelated to, the health of the general community.

Further, the social determinants of health share many similarities with the determinants of crime.

Involvement with the criminal justice system has a huge impact on the community in terms of breaking up families, economic and financial impacts, and health outcomes.

Thus the wider impacts are often overlooked when the focus is on punishment.  With the massive over-representation of Aboriginal people in the justice system this has particularly resonance with the Indigenous peoples in Australia. 

Abstracts close on Sunday 13th January 2019.

Earlier in 2018 the Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health Network (NSW) hosted the Custodial Health Conference 2018 in Sydney.

(Pic credit SBS)