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Our Management Committee

Palliative Care NSW is an incorporated association and is governed by a voluntary Management Committee. Seven committee members and three executive committee members are elected at an Annual General Meeting. The Committee meets regularly to provide sound governance to the organisation. The most recent AGM saw the election of Therese Smeal to the position of President Elect.

  • Deborah Parker (President)
  • Therese Smeal (President Elect and Secretary)
  • Nicole Sutton (Treasurer)
  • Felicity Burns
  • Colleen Carter
  • Melissa Cumming
  • Gerry Dixon
  • Liz Lobb
  • Peta McVey
  • Joan Ryan


Palliative Care New South Wales is searching for an appropriate Patron, having enjoyed several years with Maree Bashir as Patron. Please direct enquiries to the office.


Palliative Care NSW is the peak body representing palliative care and other relevant health services and health professionals, patients, carers and people with an interest in palliative care. Currently we have around 300 members.

Our Team

Linda Hansen


Linda has been with Palliative Care NSW for 15 years. Prior to that she worked as a consultant with a range of clients including Palliative Care Australia. Linda worked for Carers Australia for some years and before that was an employee of the Commonwealth Public Service in Canberra.

Linda has a passion for improving access to quality care for everyone. She often jokes that once you’re in palliative care – you’re in for good! Linda has a broad range of skills that include governance, policy and strategic planning. Linda has a Bachelor of Arts in social sciences and a reasonable capacity to hold a tune.

Megan Burke


Megan was introduced to Palliative Care NSW in July 2015, as part of an internship program while completing a Masters of Policy and Applied Social Research at Macquarie University, concluding a study on palliative care volunteering in aged care facilities during this time.

Since the end of the internship Megan has begun working part-time as a Policy Officer for Palliative Care NSW and is currently investigating the experiences of volunteers in paediatric palliative care, with more projects to follow throughout the year. Having quickly developed an intense belief in the importance of high quality palliative care Megan is excited to learn more about how this sector could be improved and share this knowledge along the way.

Kate Bowman


Kate joined Palliative Care NSW first during her internship through Macquarie University as part of the requirements for a Bachelor of Social Science degree. Her first project involved talking with volunteer managers of community services about their volunteers who find themselves incidentally coming into contact with people at or near the end of life. Since then Kate has been looking into the recent history of developments in aged care and palliative care.

Fiona Syvier


Fiona Syvier joined Palliative Care NSW in July of this year, as the Co-manager of the Community and Carer Relief at End OF Life Care (CCREOL) Program in partnership with the Southern NSW Primary Health Network – Coordinare. Her first interaction with Palliative Care NSW was whilst an intern with Palliative care Australia. Originally, Fiona trained as a visual artist, spending 15 years lecturing in art and working alongside Indigenous artists in remote Aboriginal communities.

These experiences compelled her to further her understandings of Indigenous diversity and community wellbeing by enrolling in a Masters of Social Research at the Australian National University. Fiona is currently completing her Advanced Masters with a focus on palliative care volunteering and diversity within regional communities.

Carolyn Frichot

Communications Officer

Carolyn has over 20 years-experience as a communications and engagement specialist, more recently in the aged care and disability sector. Her current experience in managing digital transformation for NFPs, with industry-leading engagement rates and highly improved membership retention, will be invaluable in helping to achieve the goals of Palliative Care’s major projects.

Carolyn was previously Communications Manager for Down Syndrome NSW and has led Project Development of digital transformation in communications and engagement for several Human Services enterprises.

“Working in the human services sector has a unique set of challenges. I find these communities to be passionate, creative and innovative. It’s a space I very much like to work in”.

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